List: Checked

Accomplished so far today:

  1. wrote an article on combinable vs. dedicated tables for restaurants
  2. wrote a blog entry about hybrid workflow for this very site
  3. spotted two negatives
  4. researched e-commerce options for selling my photography on the internet
  5. listened to Beast In The Field’s Lucifer, Bearer of Light and Khanate’s Capture & Release while doing this other stuff
  6. had my Xbox Live account hacked to the tune of $125
  7. took son to the doctor
  8. took son for ice cream
  9. looked for writing positions on Craigslist (no dice today)
  10. currently writing this post

Still to do today:

  1. rescan two negatives
  2. spot said negatives
  3. finish stupid artist statement

Tomorrow’s agenda:

  1. make test prints
  2. mat said prints
  3. look for picture frames
  4. maybe hit Dick Blick’s for more mat board
  5. list camera lens on eBay
  6. set up new Paypal account (I’m currently using my wife’s account for eBay shit)
  7. maybe process more film
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