Water Street Studios 2nd Anniversary Show Opening Reception

I found out this past week that I got accepted into Water Street Studio’s 2nd Anniversary show. When we went there to drop off my application we liked everything so much that we signed our son up for an art class there. Super cool place, the guy I talked to was really nice, and they had some really great stuff on exhibit. I’ll have four photos in the show, so if you get a chance, feel free to check it out. It’s running from September 30 through New Years. Opening reception is Friday, September 30 between 6 and 10 PM.

Water Street Studios
160 S. Water St. || Batavia, IL 60510 || 630.761.9977
Gallery Hours: Wed 10-5 ▪ Thurs 10-5 ▪ Fri 10-9p ▪ Sat 10a-2p ▪ Sun 12-4p
Every 2nd Saturday 10a-10p

Busy weekend ahead. Lots of printing and mat cutting!

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