Grand Royal vs. The Nuge

Shown: Ted Nugent, being a dickhead

Shown: Ted Nugent, being a dickhead

Once upon a time, the Beastie Boys ran their own record label called Grand Royal. Aside from their own releases, they released stuff by people like Bis (who did the awesome Power Puff Girls theme song), Money Mark, Luscious Jackson, Russel Simins (JSBX drummer, not former Def Jam records head), At The Drive-In and more. It was eclectic, to say the least.

But beyond that, the Beastie Boys also had a magazine of the same name, and in the issue of Grand Royal with Lee Perry on the cover (which also came with a Lee Perry flexi), they had an interview with the Motor City Madman himself: Ted Nugent.

Despite my undying love for the song “Stranglehold,” I think that Ted Nugent sucks. I don’t like his music and I don’t like his politics. He’s always struck me as a racist, self-important douchebag, and this interview does nothing to dissuade that. In fact, it reinforces any negative preconception you might have had about the man.

Let me conclude my introduction by saying that this is, in my opinion, the single greatest interview in the history of rock music. The first question is “What was up with Damn Yankees? They were pretty lame” and it just goes downhill from there. At one point The Nuge takes credit for inventing short skirts, and answers another question with “Goddamn right! I’M THE FUCKING NUGE, MAN!” It’s so batshit fucking crazy that you’d think it was entirely made up if not for the fact that there’s an audio clip of part of it.

So after telling anyone who would listen about how fucking insane and awesome this interview was for over a decade now, yesterday I finally took to Google in an effort to track it down. I figured that someone had to have saved it for posterity. And as it turns out, someone did, and here’s the link:

Ted Nugent is a Mad Man | Glorious Noise

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