Earlier this year, we stumbled on a box of old prints that I had done in college. It’s by no means complete; I know there’s a ton of stuff still missing (maybe at my parents’ house?) in terms of prints and negatives, but there’s still some fun stuff in there.

I’ve decided to scan some of it and upload it both to here and Flickr, though here I’ll be sharing some applicable memories I have of the shows. Let’s start with this photo of Since By Man:


This photo was taken the first time I’d seen Since By Man, at a basement show in Madison. I was playing in a band at the time (I’m still playing in a band with some of the same guys, over a decade later), and we were friends with the guys in Seven Days of Samsara, who were from Milwaukee. I remember their singer, Dave, telling us that we had to check out this new band called Since By Man because they were fucking nuts.

Shortly thereafter, we got on a show at this kid Vance’s house up in Madison. It was us, Seven Days, Since By Man and Usurp Synapse. I remember that we got there early and were hanging around in the living room and Usurp Synapse kept talking about how they were in a band and that they were awesome and all this shit. It was hilarious.

Since we were borrowing some of Seven Days of Samsara’s gear, we were playing after Since By Man, even though they were local. Todd was sick, so he was upstairs, and I have no idea where my brother Blake was. I think our friend Nick was with us at this show, too, but I can’t remember if he was downstairs with us at the time. I do remember standing in the basement with Brendan, watching Since By Man set their shit up. Then they turned out all the lights, which I thought was weird. Then the feedback started, and I began to get excited, because, hey, pitch black dark and feedback. There was a quick four-count on the sticks and then the place fucking exploded. In the darkness, the band had put on these fucking skeleton outfits and they had built their own lighting rig. On the one, the band hit the first note, these bright lights went on and then the rest of the time it was a blur of strobes and flailing bodies. It was absolutely mind-blowing. I remember Brendan and I looking at each other and just being like “Fuck, how are we going to top this?”

We couldn’t, obviously.

This is one of the photos I took that night, and the band actually ended up using it on the insert of their split CD with the band With Arms Still Empty. They quickly dropped the skeleton costumes and the light show, so I’m glad I was able to capture the moment here for posterity.

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